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  • Non-woven Fabrics Planting Bag
  • Non-woven Fabrics Planting Bag
  • Non-woven Fabrics Planting Bag
    • Non-woven Fabrics Planting Bag
    • Non-woven Fabrics Planting Bag
    • Non-woven Fabrics Planting Bag
    Non-woven Fabrics Planting Bag
    White, green, black,yellow,gray,blue or by requirements
    20*20cm, 30*25cm, 40*30cm, 120*80cm
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    Tianjin, Shanghai, Qingdao port
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    Non-woven Fabrics Planting Bag

    Non-woven Fabrics Planting Bag, it is a new generation of environmentally-friendly materials, which is characterized by water repellency, breathability, flexibility, no combustion, no poison, no irritation, and rich color. If the material is naturally degraded outside, the maximum life span of the material is only 90 days. It is degraded within 5 years in the room and is nontoxic, tasteless and without any leftovers, so it does not pollute the environment. Therefore, environmental protection comes from the environmental protection.


    *Plant grow bag, perfect for planting a variety of plants in your home

    *Ideal for using in your home balcony, garden or other outdoor places

    *Made of non-woven fabric material, environmental-friendly, waterproof, anti-corrosive, heat resistant, cold resistant, durable to use

    *Good waterproof, air permeability, can bring the whole soil ball full of root,more uniform than the plastic salver

    *There are many small holes on the bottom of planting bag, they are drains hole that help your plant grow better

    *Reusable, lightweight, economical and practical to use, can be folded for convenient storage when it is not in use

    *Plant from seedling planted directly into the bag, no need to exchange the soil, after transplant,the development of the seeding is fast, low cost and big income

    *Suitable to every kinds of soil, can be transplanted any moment, do not influence by the weather

    *100% Brand New&High Quality

    *3 sizes for you to choose: 8*10cm, 14*16cm, 20*20cm

    Non woven Fabric Grow Bag Applications

    Widely used for Flowerpot, Grow bags, Tree root control bags.

    The weightless and portable bag suits for inside the house and garden, backyard.

    Take care of vegetable root. Especially be used for solanaceae plants (Tomato, potato, sugar beets etc.)


    Material  Non Woven Fabric
    Weight 180GSM / 200GSM / 250GSM
    Thickness 1.0-2.5MM
    Size Any size available
    Color White,Gray and black
    Shape Square and Round
    Style  With handle or without handle
    Usage Tree,vegetables and fruits planting
    Packing OPP bag packing

    Available reference:


    Shape Size (cm) Material (GSM) Net weight (g) With handle Volume (KG)
    Round or Square 20*20 120 17.5 N 14
    25*20 120 23.5 N 16
    30*25 130 35.5 N 18
    30*25 130 42.5 Y 18
    35*25 130 51.5 Y 25
    35*30 140 61.5 Y 29
    40*30 140 75.5 Y 40
    40*35 140 77.5 Y 47
    45*35 150 100 Y 56
    45*40 150 108 Y 65
    50*40 160 130 Y 77
    55*40 160 150 Y 105
    60*45 170 190 Y 128
    65*45 170 220 Y 150
    70*50 180 270 Y 190
    75*50 180 310 Y 230
    80*55 190 365 Y 280
    90*60 200 450 Y 350
    100*70 200 600 Y 550
    120*80 220 950 Y 830
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